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Clinical Director Scott Alpert talks Candidly about Treatment on National Radio

Dr Scott talks on the Radio about his humble beginnings with the 12-Steps.

"I started out at a Tarzana Treatment Center using the 12-Steps and couldn't believe how many people were slipping through the cracks. This was when I decided to continue my education..."
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Dr Scott talks on national Radio about a client with Multiple Personalities

"I had one client who had multiple personalities and I used a Psychological approach called NeuroLinguistic Programming in which you work with internal aspects and each aspect is given a chair and the client would sit down on each chair...
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Dr Scott talks on the Radio about his unique education and how it impacted him

"I had a unique education at the University of Santa Monica where I studied Spiritual Psychology. The students practiced on each other and I was amazed how deeply I healed. I have tried to mimick that university at my facility and actually love teaching interns in school... .
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Dr Scott raps up his series of Radio interviews in fine fashion.

"We look at repeating issues as our curriculum of life. Whenever we address and heal a problem, we grow at the level of the soul. It is an interesting concept, but to many people it brings an understanding that the problems we have actually serve a purpose. It is...
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Crisis Management: Step by Step

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November 11, 2018
The Wisdom of Dr Noah
When I started in the field I was fortunate enough to have an incredible
Supervisor who was both a professor at Pepperdine University and a
Minister of Church of Religious Sciences. Dr. Noah Young and I...

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Pam's Story
Pamela Johson talks candidly about her personal road to recovery and how this program has helped change her life.
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