1. 2. Meditation and Relaxation
    Meditation and relaxation are presented and perfected in this group. Meditation is a great avenue to foster conscious contact with our innermost self and Spirit. Included are Guided Visualizations, walking meditations, and placing your bare feet on the ground.
  2. 1. Workshop
    Participants learn the tools and strategies of Clinical Psychology - taking the mystery out of addressing their problems in life. Under expert guidance, participants learn the practical application of basic approaches in a fun and involved way. Lectures are brief, but informative and the interactive activities keep people interested and inspired.
  3. 3. Interactive Groups
    Research has shown that group therapy has the highest rates of effectiveness. These groups offer education, discussions, interactions, art, music, movement, play, and the occasional fun filled outing. Who said treatment can not be fun? Laughter is encouraged.
  4. 4. Lecture Series
    Twice a week
    Informative lectures on various thought provoking subjects are provided on State Mandated subjects. We put on our special interactive flair as we present topics such as: Abuse, Addiction, Pregnancy and addiction, Nicotine Dependence, Infectious Disease control, and more.
  5. 5. Individual Therapy
    Two - One Hour sessions per week
    An initial assessment and treatment plan is devised for each Participant. Then issues are discussed in a one on one format.
  6. 6. Family Therapy
    Every Saturday
    Each Saturday significant others are invited to attend family therapy. This is to improve communication and work through unresolved issues.
PHP Outpatient Program

All participants attending Basic Steps Mental Health start off in the Intensive PHP Program to learn the step by step Spiritual Psychology approach. From the onset of treatment, Participants learn tools and strategies on how to counsel themselves.  We create individual treatment plans for all participants to ensure that the unique issues that bring them to treatment are properly addressed. We simply ask that people take our program seriously. We limit the group size to twelve people, who all start and end treatment together. In doing so a bonded support group is developed.   

The Program was inspired by a Graduate Level College Course .

This program has its roots from the Master’s level Psychology course presemted at The University of Santa Monica. Basic Steps has condensed the key approaches into a four week program. All told, this program is the equivalent of over two years of individual weekly treatment!

Play is Included

The program is not all hard work, it includes arts and crafts, movement, and FUN! Our intention is to create an atmosphere of love and compassion where like-minded people can learn, grow, and support one another through a transitional time in their lives.

User Friendly

The Psychological skills being taught are user friendly and our staff is committed to step people through the processes until participants master them. Participants soon realize that this is a place where a loving staff truly honors them. We take pride in our success rate and believe for proper accuracy an independent agency is needed to authenticate any high percentage claims on our part. Graduates of the program are willing to talk with potential participants because of how life changing this program has been for them.

Aftercare Program

For people who complete the PHP Program we offer a free aftercare program for as long as they desire. This program helps reinforce what was learned and provides support. The Aftercare Program is comprised of two 1 1/2 hour process group sessions each week and provides new state of the art approaches and information.

Three Day a week Step Down Program

Often people need to continue regular treatment but not five days a week. Our Step Down Program was designed for people to continue treatment three times a week for three hours a day and continue to address their problems.

Individual, Group, and Couples Counseling

We provide therapy to individuals, groups, and families. Our staff is committed to providing care to the general public who want to learn our state of the art approach and benefit from it. Simply contact our facility and schedule an appointment.  We treat people who are over 18 years old, do not suffer from psychotic disorders, and have a willingness to change.

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Space is limited to 12 participants